final short film (at least for awhile)

After staying up one night while I’m supposedly on a holiday with the boyfriend, my final short film is completed!!!!!! This is my proudest creation to date, because it is a story I really wanted to tell and I could finally experiment with colour (although I have come to appreciate the beauty in B/W images) and sound. Thou shalt refrain from saying too much about the film before you watch it. Whoever you are, thank you for taking time to read this and watch the film. It would mean a lot to me if you’ll share with me your thoughts after watching this.

e n j o y:

I started working on this final project a lot earlier knowing I wanted to do something personal and meaningful. My friend’s death was something I never once forgot so I decided I would make a film about him. I had all these ideas but when I consulted my professor with my initial ideas, I realised I never knew much about him, nor had I kept in close contact with him after we went to different secondary schools so that made it difficult to make a film with a story. And being the ambitious person I am, the scenes I wanted to include in the film were difficult to shoot because (1) they were in NYC and (2) I wanted these scenes to be as close as possible to actual memories, so I ended up writing a film that was largely fiction. I wrote it based on my memories of him as a kind, high-spirited person, and I am so happy with the way it turned out even though this is entirely different from how I had envisioned it at the very beginning.

We shot this over three days in three locations – my apartment, the High Line and a random park place I found near NYU. The High Line was the worst location to shoot at because there were so many people and I couldn’t tell them to go away or ignore our presence. But I got lucky with the weather whenever I shot outdoors so I am thankful for the relatively smooth-sailing shoot. Jie Ying & Hakeem were such great actors to work with and they persevered even though stupid people started throwing things down the buildings beside the high line. The high line is basically a very long bridge surrounded by buildings, so people could throw things from these buildings and hit any of us. Urgh I should’ve mission impossible-d that building and smack the perpetrator with my FS100 camera body (without the lens ’cause the lens expensive).

The editing process was the toughest for me because I would get emotional and I wouldn’t be able to continue. @Jie Ying thank you for your support whenever I’m editing at home I couldn’t have done this without you!!! ❤

Feel free to lemme know what you think about the film I’d love to hear from you! I’m now in Washington D.C. touring the country a little bit before I head back to NYC. A week until I have to ditch the boyfriend (미안해요 바보아) and go on set for a week in Pennsylvania, and then See Min comes~

Until next time, xoxo, gweishi.


second last short film

My semester at Tisch has officially ended and I am so overwhelmed by the realisation that I’m leaving NYC in a month I’ve just been eating my feelings away. (I bought a box of 6 Insomnia cookies yesterday with the intention of sharing them with my roommate/her best friend/her mum but I ended up eating 4 of them lol i need help)

While I’m in the midst of editing my final film & trying to deal with my emotions, here’s my second last short film of the semester:

I had to make something with sound effects, and I’ve always been sensitive to sounds that annoy me – i.e. loud chewing, so I wanted to incorporate that idea in my film. I surprisingly had lotsa fun on set even though we were working under pretty stressful conditions ’cause we only had the space for an hour. The team at Chobani was so so nice I’m so grateful they were open to us filming there. Being an exchange student, I was at times limited by resources available to me but it forced me to scout for locations outside my comfort zone and I got to enjoy the city at the same time. For the purpose of this shoot I’ve been to Chobani Soho several times and I highly recommend trying their breakfast bowls – I’ve always had the honey vanilla breakfast bowl and I absolutely love it.

This marked the last time I worked with my lovely crew Molly & Talia, so this was extra special for me. I am forever thankful I got such an amazing crew. My actress Nirvani was super delightful to work with, and we basically met while I was shopping with Jieying at Abercrombie & Fitch. The hardest part of this film was probably the editing process, but even that was fun.

Until my next film,
xoxo, weishi.