Bucket List


  1. Volunteer with the SPCA
  2. Watch the Ellen DeGeneres show live!
  3. Visit Britain
  4. Travel to Australia
  5. Be part of a soccer team
  6. Speak fluent French
  7. Speak fluent German
  8. Record a cover
  9. Ride a rollercoaster
  10. Countdown to a new year with my friends instead of at home
  11. Play the guitar
  12. Visit the Gentle Barn in USA
  13. Own a microphone
  14. Competed in a soccer match
  15. Backpacking trip with my friends
  16. Watch a live Manu match
  17. Own a wand
  18. Night cycling
  19. Go trick or treating!
  20. Confess to the guy i was in love with
  21. Rock climbing
  22. Scuba Diving
  23. Read a book by Seine
  24. Snorkeling
  25. Watched a real life fashion show
  26. Walk-in wardrobe
  27. Get Shit Drunk
  28. Go to a club
  29. Own a Betsey Johnson dress
  30. Watch Phantom of the Opera live!
  31. Get ear piercings
  32. Live through a PSI 401
  33. Watch Addams Family live!
  34. Go on the bungee thing at Clarke Quay
  35. Get them abs
  36. Travel on my own to the states!
  37. Intern
  38. Go on a road trip!
  39. Put gum on the Market Theatre Gum Wall in Seattle
  40. Visit first starbucks store in the world
  41. Bake rainbow cupcakes
  42. Watch Frankie Valli live
  43. Watch Grease! live
  44. Adventure Cove!!
  45. Have a complete stranger buy me drinks
  46. Attend AFF2014
  47. Drive a car
  48. Get my drivers license
  49. Travel to Korea
  50. Speak fluent Korean
  51. Harry Potter land!!!!!
  52. Go on a duo trip
  53. Mail parcels to friends all over the world
  54. Get green highlights in my hair
  55. Skydiving
  56. Put up a play
  57. Backpacking alone
  58. Couchsurfing
  59. Drink beer at the kopitiam
  60. Throw an amazing party on a yacht
  61. Have a party by the beach
  62. Jump off a cliff
  63. Surf
  64. Play the drums
  65. Skateboard
  66. Rollerblade
  67. Fencing
  68. Form a band
  69. Swing standing up
  70. Run a marathon
  71. Go skiing
  72. Ride a mattress down a staircase
  73. Trek the Inca trail
  74. Sing to an audience
  75. Go on a hot-air balloon
  76. Volunteer overseas
  77. Walk the Tibetan Bridge
  78. Go grape stomping
  79. Visit Times Square
  80. Go to a New York Fashion Week Show
  81. Fly a kite
  82. Visit Egypt
  83. Make a film


{Updated as of 11th Jan 2018}


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